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These are extremely passionate words shared by a Trader with 12 years of experience in the market in the video Enter Orders Using 4 Time Frames. Sharing words from people with extensive experience in the market like that is very rare for me and everyone to receive.
I really enjoyed every word of the author because I have also encountered it and understand that it takes people who have really been in the market long enough to understand these things. Thank you very much!
I would like to quote this letter again:


“A message to all traders following the channel,

I just accidentally helped a friend about trading, she shared about this channel and when I went to watch it, I could only say WOW, these are rare videos that very few people in the world can do, not to mention here. VN. I am not anyone, but I have been trading for more than 12 years, lost more than 1 million $, played all the lots you can imagine, read all the books on amz about trading, studied many courses and also Like following many channels on telegram, Facebook about trading... I'm still no one, I'm not successful in trading, but I've been in the market long enough to see a lot of things. I'm also a trader who almost only uses Price Action without ANY indicators on the chart, so just through the way I analyze the chart, the way I speak, and the way I create channels, I feel like meeting a long-time friend who has been through the same things. what I've been through.

Summary (But still a bit long :)) )
+ Watch the videos on the channel over and over again, it doesn't matter which PP you use, SONIC R, EMA, Breakout, bla bla because what Medio's videos mention is just the perspective from one individual, but the core The core of movements as well as the core value of many methods. If you understand the roots and read the market structure, using any method will be much easier.
+ Start with demo or small real account 500$ 1000$ to start practicing.
+ Long-term thinking, month by month and year by year. DON'T THINK ABOUT MAKE MONEY, because I guarantee you can't do it. If you're too different then I'm wrong. But 99% traders who enter this market think they are different, which makes them the same.
+ I've been unsuccessful for more than 10 years because I succeeded early, had a lot of money and was in a hurry, thinking I was different. And one more thing, I don't have the chance to come across thoughtful teachings and sharing like this. So if you have the good fortune to read this comment and watch the video of channel Medio, please slow down. Slow down, take one step at a time.
+ DON'T THINK ABOUT GETTING RICH QUICKLY, think of yourself as improving your skills, after you're mature, if you work hard, after only 1-2 years, you will easily achieve very terrible numbers.
+ HOWEVER, the best thing about trading is not being rich, the best thing is the freedom it brings. But this freedom only comes to those who work hard and spend time cultivating knowledge and skills. Remember that AMZ endured 5 years of losses and break-even just to collect data about every mouse click, every user's buying and selling behavior, and then achieve the success it has now, before shooting the bow and arrow. , you also have to pull it backwards. That's the rule, be PATIENT, the more greedy and hasty you are, you will never reach your desired destination. SLOW DOWN, OBSERVE more, take time to REVIEW yourself, feel the market and gradually grow. Gradually, you will realize that it is the PROCESS that is wonderful, not the destination
+ BE IN A NEWBI MIND, no matter how good you are, always keep an open mind and learn, as long as you have opinions and know how to filter knowledge to suit yourself.

+ If you are constantly greedy, constantly in a hurry, no matter how much money you make, if it is from bad habits like all in, emotional DCA, SL translation.... Then that money is not yours, sooner or later it will be gone. The scariest thing is that your ego, which is nourished from bad habits and bad emotions, will grow gradually, and after 3-4 years, it will be very difficult to defeat. So, WALK SLOWLY BUT CORRECTLY. This is something I myself have been experiencing :). May or may not be true for each person.

Sharing from the trader who lost the most that I know (that's me =)))). Because I have never seen anyone trade for so long and lose so much but still not succeed =)))

Happy Trading!!!! “


I really hope that those who watch my channel will read and think about the things in this letter. Above all, I can share knowledge with you, but I cannot change your thoughts other than your own.
And even though I didn't create a group, everyone should understand that we are building a positive trader community together.
Wishing everyone a successful week!


I am Medio, admin of Medio Finance. The content I share about finance and personal development is from a simplified perspective with the goal of making it easier for everyone to access this market. Avoid scams and losses.

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